The name “ChiroMetrics” is a product of our data focused approach to complementary healthcare benefit management. We look at key numerical indicators within the medical and financial data to identify billing and treatment patterns, under utilization, over utilization and any potential abuse or mismanagement of each client’s benefits.

Chiropractic & Acupuncture Health Benefit Administration

We offer complete solution-focused benefit administration for chiropractic, acupuncture and other complementary health services. Our experienced team of professionals oversees all aspects of benefit administration from customer service to utilization management to claims processing and payment. We are proud that our services play a part in empowering employees to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Chiropractic & Acupuncture Health Benefit Utilization Management

We provide utilization management for chiropractic, acupuncture and other complementary health services. From precertification of certain services to in depth review of treatment plans, our experienced reviewers understand complementary health services and their part in the overall medical benefit.

Member / Provider Services

Every phone call or email into ChiroMetrics is answered by one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff located at our corporate headquarters in Fresno, California. Our customer service representatives can answer any inquiry, including questions related to benefits, providers, claims status, precertifications and general questions regarding the care being provided.

Client Services

ChiroMetrics staff is available on short notice to meet with clients. Regular meetings are scheduled to review the performance of the benefit plan and the performance of ChiroMetrics. Clients are given access to a number of tools to receive real time reports and utilization data directly from our system.

Network Development & Maintenance

ChiroMetrics builds networks specific for each client in order to minimize disruption and maximize the number of patients who can continue in treatment with their current provider. ChiroMetrics does not charge chiropractors to be participating providers and has the capacity and experience to build a new panel or add chiropractors to their existing network in a matter of weeks. Every chiropractor must meet our rigorous credentialing standards.

Claims Processing & Payment

ChiroMetrics offers a complete solution for billing and claims processing. Our advanced claims processing system can provide utilization and payment reports at a moment's notice.

Data Collection & Reporting

At ChiroMetrics, we understand that all data we collect belongs to our respective clients. From costs and claims to customer service, we provide clients with detailed reports of each plan's performance, plus a catalog of the services ChiroMetrics has provided. In scheduled face-to-face meetings with clients, we present a detailed review of all data, providing complete transparency.

Web-Based Services

Our website acts as an excellent complement to ChiroMetrics' standard services; and can be customized with the client’s logo and links to the organization’s other benefits providers, intranet, and events. The site acts as a resource for both patients and providers. The client-specific Website allows patients to understand their benefit and lookup providers in real-time. The Website allows providers to login and see the status of claims paid, precertifications, submit claims for payment and see various policies and procedures.

Implementation Services

ChiroMetrics provides clients with a variety of organically-developed communication materials aimed at seamless transition of benefit administrators.

Benefit Integration

ChiroMetrics welcomes the opportunity to work with other vendors, to promote access to complementary healthcare benefits and work in a collaborative manner to address any cost containment efforts. This includes data integration, where ChiroMetrics will transmit any aggregate data or ad-hoc reports to the client or any third party, as designated by the client.